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Tenuta Fornace is the result of the dream of Andrea Rossi and his family, who were already growing grapes in Oltrepo' at the beginning of the 19th century Pavese, where the cultivation of vines has thousand-year-old origins. The project is to be able to produce each variety and therefore to place and breed each vine in the place most suited to it. Tenuta Fornace today has an area of ​​over 80 hectares which we cultivate with passion in full respect of the balance of nature. The vineyards are located in different wine-growing areas of the Oltrepò Pavese and Piedmont, allowing for sustainable and diversified processing, respectful of the ancient tradition of the territory and enriched with modern knowledge and technologies. From the beginning we chose to manage our vineyards by reducing interventions to a minimum and following what are now the rules dictated by the regulations for organic and biodynamic agriculture, even before these were established. 

The winemaking cellar is located in Rovescala in the extreme eastern part of the Oltrepò Pavese on the border with Emilia Romagna, in a natural panoramic terrace overlooking the vineyards. The interiors are perfectly insulated from the outside, maintaining constant temperature and humidity all year round. We like to think that all the wines we produce tell a story. The history of the land where the grapes grow, that of the people who take care of our vineyards and of those who expertly supervise the musts during fermentation and long refinements.

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