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Driven by their love for nature and its essence, Silvana Forte and Flavio Basilicata established Le Due Terre winery, yieldind approximately 16,000 bottles of wine per year, in 1984; the vineyard covers a surface area of 5 hectares in Prepotto, a village on the Eastern hills of the region of Friuli – Italy.  The name of the winery is a tribute to the terroir and the blend of marl and clay in the hills where its vineyards are located. The viticoltural techniques here have always been natural and traditional. The same approach applies to wine-making: grape fermentation in spontaneus and the wine undergoes prolonged aging between 22 to 36 months depending on the vintage, in exhausted French oak barrels without any racking or additions, in order to maintain and enhance the varietal features of the vines. This results in natural, long-living and elegant wines, for the wine-lover all over the world.

“There is a feeling of sheer peace in the air at Le Due Terre: everything flows smoothly, perfectly, though, perceptibly, against the background of constant intellectual effervescence, always a hallmark to the life of Silvana, Flavio and their daughter Cora, who is following in her parents’ footstemps”.

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