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Donatella and Bruno landed on the Tortonesi Hills after a life in Milan, when in 1988 they discovered this abandoned farmhouse, full of charm and history, and decided to buy it and completely renovate it. The property included an abandoned vineyard, which they recovered. The first harvest is dated 1997 with the Barbera while the Timorasso arrives in 2006. The work in the vineyard is set with the utmost respect for nature and for the land, with very low grape yields per hectare and uncompromising quality choices. This happens following a virtuous integration of traditional aspects, arguing that the native vines are the authentic expression of the territory, and innovative, because they also believe in allochthonous vineyards, naturalized in the territory, and able to testify the qualitative potential conferred by the territory and the natural processing.

Their wines are pure expressions of the unique terroir of the Tortona Hills, with very structured and long-lived whites, and powerful and elegant reds; all united by the value that is given to time as a means to allow wine to show its potential.

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