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The young entrepreneur's company was not born from nothing, it has its roots in the passion for the territory and for viticulture which, from father to son, has reached him. It can be defined as a sort of legacy, modernized from a production point of view, but unchanged in its relationship with the territory. The Concarena Agricultural Company began producing grapes in 2008 and from 2012, upon completion of the construction of the modern cellar at the foot of the Concarena, it began direct winemaking. Two wines are born: Videt IGT Valcamonica Bianco (Riesling) and Barabant IGT Valcamonica Rosso (Marzamino and Merlot). The careful selection, through the thinning of the grapes, and the modern techniques of defense, control and evaluation of the plant and the land, are the beating heart of the company which aims, as its ultimate goal, the quality of the product. The production of the first year is around 6000 bottles; but the company is constantly expanding: new vineyards, recently established, will come into production in the years to come.

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