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The company, who bears his name, was founded in 2015. They have always practiced activities such as agriculture, breeding, cultivation of fruit and cereals but above all of the vine. Nebbiolo for Marino means a family tradition. A story of passion, love and dedication values ​​transmitted to Marino who, having grown up in close contact with nature and the territory, decides to continue his studies in agriculture and then follow his roots by renovating the family cellar in the historic center of Ponte in Valtellina; and it is precisely here that, remaining faithful to ancient traditions, his wines are born

Today he cultivates about two hectares of vineyards, arranged on the terraces of the lattice side of the middle Valtellina between the municipalities of Ponte in Valtellina, Tresivio and Castionetto di Chiuro. From these patches of land supported by dry stone walls overhanging the valley floor, the grapes of the Nebbiolo wine are born. The bunches are carefully chosen and selected at the time of harvest. Then, they are transported to the cellar for processing and vinification in oak and chestnut vats.

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